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It's hard to imagine RSS will be exactly same as today 10 years later.  But I don't see any standard group is actively working on improving it.  If we view RSS as the "Abstract" of a reasrch paper, it does not have "Key Words". 

I understand It extends RSS by adding "Product" tag. Anyway, RSS is a kind of XML and XML should be extendable, right?

Power Law

Clay Shirky's article Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality remains as one classical. Today it is cited in Ross Mayfield's Power Law of Participation again.

Web 2.0 is SOA Proof-of-Concept

Lots of blogs about SOA and Web 2.0, including SOA Versus Web 2.0?

Scoble’s Feeds Subscription on bloglines


RSS Applications

We have many small RSS applications, including beeplet:

They are nice but only like a feature.

PageRank Assassination

Web is a game place. See more from Tom Foremski

Some search engine watch sites:


Blog Rolls

I read following blog rolls almost daily:

1. web20workgroup

2. Planet RDF

3. ZDNet Blogs


I'm wondering "Why Google is extending RSS" too.

Either Or?

We have Yahoo Directory, then Google Search. We have schema, then tagging.  Time to consider mixed?


Used this technology many times when commenting. Today I know its name: CAPTCHA. It's another way to take adantage of Turing Test.  People can leverage easy stuff, and can leverage hard stuff too. For example, using one-way function for cryptography.