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Social Networks are the New Media

Social Networks are the New Media is a blog by Robert Young. Read it and printed it this morning.  Found it on the top list on 

AdSense Keywords Statistics


WE 2.0

WE 2.0 = Web 2.0 + Enterprise 2.0

Service vs Product

As many software vendors (product) are trying to turn software as a service (SaaS), many service companies are trying to develop more products. 🙂

Web 2.0

Not much news about Web 2.0 recently.


One issue with RDF is its granurarity. It's hard to manage lots of RDFs without a structure like relational table.

User Interface

Interestingly, for some web sites, blog roll in bloglines is easier to read to me.


Added a bunch of feeds into bloglines.  Surprising found many different formats and URL styles.  Standardization is not easy.

Web 2.0

Many talks about leveraging web 2.0 in enterprise:

How about the other way round?

I have a dream ….

One day I can build my web applications based on web services only using mouse.