Monthly Archives: May 2006


Added a bunch of feeds into bloglines.  Surprising found many different formats and URL styles.  Standardization is not easy.

Web 2.0

Many talks about leveraging web 2.0 in enterprise:

How about the other way round?

I have a dream ….

One day I can build my web applications based on web services only using mouse.

Click Fraud shows a case of click fraud.  Wonder if there is any link fraud cases: somebody creates many pages to link another page to increase its page rank.

James McGovern

Feel different style from his blog: 

SAP CEO Henning Kagermann said

“Systems of the future are model based. Models of the future are active models. They control the execution of processes. […] Configuring models is much faster than recoding. […] This is a big step forward in terms of compliance, productivity, and speed.”

Google Web Toolkit very nice example.