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Click Fraud shows a case of click fraud.  Wonder if there is any link fraud cases: somebody creates many pages to link another page to increase its page rank.

James McGovern

Feel different style from his blog: 

SAP CEO Henning Kagermann said

“Systems of the future are model based. Models of the future are active models. They control the execution of processes. […] Configuring models is much faster than recoding. […] This is a big step forward in terms of compliance, productivity, and speed.”

Google Web Toolkit very nice example.

More about attention

I hope to have a pin server so that these people wrote about "attention" can pin it directly.


53,651 is a title of Josh Kopelman's post:

These 53,651 users are subscribers of  TechCrunch.  I believe they are important since they work as seeds. If they feel ok, they will tell other people.  Remeber how gmail does the trick? 

The Marketplace of Perceptions

Interesting view of decision making:

Web 2.0 vs. Web 1.0

If only mouse is needed, its Web 1.0.

If both mouse and keyboard are needed, it's Web 2.0.


Attention and Intention

More discussion about "Attention and Intention":

Software, Service and Media

Microsoft is evolving from a sfotware company to a media company. See Microsoft adCenter launched – Ballmer says Microsoft evolving from software to media company

Companies are also considering software as a service, rather then a product.  It is worth to consider the meaning of these three.