Daily Archives: October 6, 2006

RSS Reader

RSS Readers keep coming out.  Steve Rubel’s micropersuasion blog tracks most RSS readers.  See it’s latest post: Bloglines Has Lost its Way

So far, no RSS reader does the same thing for XML as Netscape does for HTML: a winning broswer kills all others.  I’m waiting for such reader to show up.  Maybe it’s moe than just a reader.

DVD Rewinder

Does DVD need to rewind?

Seth and Seth

There are two famous Seths in the blogshere: Seth Godin and Seth Goldstein.  Seth Godin is a marketing guru, writes a very popular blog  and also owns Squidoo.com.  Seth Goldstein is working on “attention” and also has a blog.  I have been tracking “attention economy” using squidoo: see this lense.  But I’m not sure I understand Attention Gang’s work at this point.  Also I’m not sure if two Seths know each other.

New Product of The Day

A new blog: New Product of The Day