Daily Archives: October 10, 2006

RSS and 2007

More and more news come out about RSS and many people (include me) believe RSS is going to be big in 2007.  My daughter (a high school student) has been using Opera’s RSS support for a while.  So it’s reasonable to assume IE7 will make RSS more popular.  I believe a more success depends on whether users can establish “Channel/Item” model in their mind.

Innovation means customization, and customization is king

See Nicholas Carr’s Innovation, not infrastructure and Salesforce.com CEO: Customization is king regarding new programming language APEX launch of the Salesforce.com.

Top of Mind

YouTube and the Importance of Top-of-Mind is great post.   When will digg be top-of-mind?

Blogger vs Journalist

Nicholas Carr has more discussion about Michael Arrington’s trip to DC and his post.  Everybody’s writting is their own perception of the world.  From that perspective, I like Keso‘s disclaimer: 洪波的偏见.  Keso is a Chinese blogger.