Daily Archives: October 26, 2006

RSS Processing Tool Requirement Gathering: An Open Letter

Dear Steve, Richard, Robert, Chris, and Keso,

As we know, we still don’t have a processing tool for RSS, similar to Netscape Browser for HTML.  I believe one of the reasons is tool developers don’t not have very clear idea about what people really want.  To my impression, you have stated some of your desired features in your blogs. For example, Chris has following post: Standing out in a commodity crowd  

This post serves as an invitation to gather requirements for RSS processing tools.  It’s time for us to think it again! 


RSS status

See Has the RSS happened yet?

It’s very hard for people to agree on something.  RSS happens to be one of these things.  More and more tools and services will come out to leverage this universally agreed format.  And people will use it more and more.  At this point, people are only use RSS at the high level. But later, they will digg into one level lower: to figure out RSS structure. Anyway, it’s not difficult to understand the concept of channel and item.  It’s so natural to people watching TV.