Monthly Archives: October 2006

Web 3.0

Stephen Baker created a list for Web 3.0

I added following item as #4 in the comments:

4. In Web 3.0, the web will be programmable.  Programmable for everybody! Here programmable does not mean mash-up, does not mean personalization through configuration. Hope to be able to show it by the end of the year.


Google Customized Search

Will it have an API?

RSS story from Jeff Barr

Closing a Long Loop, or RSS-Enabling Wina on the Web tells a nice story about using RSS to boost traffic. 

Cool RSS Use Cases

Great list of RSS uses:

UMBC Feeds Analysis

I believe micropersuasion is a RSS news center.  Another great introduction: University Study Reveals Rich Data on Bloglines Feeds

I have been using bloglines. I have 196 feed subscriptions.  We are working on some feed filtering technology and hope to make it available by the end of the year.

Cultural Revolution and Web 2.0

It’s very interesting to compare Cultural Revolution with Web 2.0. See blogs such as “Web 2.0lier than thou”

Alex Barnett’s 20 thoughts on Attention

20 thoughts on Attention is a kind of truth telling.  To me, the biggest value of attention data is it can make me know myself better.