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Web Versioning

There are many excellent posts regarding Web 1.0, 2.0 and recently Web 3.0. For example, Does the Semantic Web = Web 3.0? and Web 2.0 isn’t dead, but Web 3.0 is bubbling up.

Problem with web versioning is people are forgetting web is software as a service(SaaS), rather than traditional software.  One of the biggest differences between SaaS and traditional software is the invisibility of versioning. 

Web 3.0: This is from Carrs

Blog Game

Everything is a game, isn’t it? See more at Blog Pimpin

Patent etc

Doc Searls: “Where would Linux be if Linus Tovalds decided to make it a proprietary OS? Where would RSS, blogging, podcasting or outlining be today if Dave Winer had locked his ideas behind patents?”.

If no petent, RSS etc may not get a chance.

RSS Use Cases

Aggregated blog and news feeds 

Web Science provides a link to the paper A Framework for Web Science”.    Very good paper about the web!