links for 2009-04-22

One response to “links for 2009-04-22

  1. hi folks this not going good, in the sense we r all not masters in theology,rationalisam,and mostly humanity,we need proof not the filthy [as they all called sacred] scripts.n so be patient abt what you exhaust ,thats not a matter to discuss whether islam or hindhuisam or christianity or buddisam is in top [the most reconed faiths]existing now.n what the hell is waiting beyond your foolishness is the raw truth,of course and very few intelligent people is going to break the code and they drive the others who have a little bit calm as they all said to love others,we r one there is certainly one father then what abt so many religions ,we also know there are somthing existing now but hidden. only time [it is also uncertain]will claim it . every ways leads to rome ,ha ha . several incidents only the place was changed and the names ex,”christ”and ”chrishna” same vison ,same bullish events,can you read the3holy books[hindu,christian and islam]subsequently its all yours,all you have to do put some logic and do reserch on what yu found.u ll get the missing patch,that obviously irritate you if you r a not let your faith to crush your brain,keep the faith keep finding truth. Come on

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