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links for 2007-01-25


oziii was wondering what to do withMyBlogLog: “thanks all for your kind messages. Honestly – I had no idea that ProBlogger had this ‘community’ as I’ve not really looked at my MyBlogLog account for quite a few months. But now I’ve found it…. I wonder what we are supposed to ‘do’?”

And me too.  I also would like to be able to link back to member’s MyBlogLog home page when I find that blog through other sources. 

FameorFamine has following two nice posts about MyBlogLog:

  1. MyBlogLog and Quest for building Community
  2. The Big Steal in MyBlogLog!

links for 2007-01-24

links for 2007-01-23

Number of Blogs

Maybe Gartner is correct: blog will be topped in 2007.  Recently, I noted the number of blog posts is substantially less, based on my Bloglines subscription.  Maybe people are busy doing so they don’t have enough time to write.  Maybe most concepts around Web 2.0 are discussed already.  And Web 3.0 is still too early.  We’ll see.

Comment on MyBlogLog

kbcafe:  “The immediate coolness is that I can now read (and subscribe) the blogs of my readers.”

Semi-Automated Blogging

More and more people (include me)  are using “daily blog posting” from  For example: links for 2007-01-12    

daily blog posting”will post your saved favorite links and comments to blogs automatically by callling blog API.  Since we still need at least click a few buttons, this type of blogging is semi-automated.

MyBlogLog: Know Your Visitors

Now MyBlogLog is acquired by Yahoo.  One of the most impressive features of MyBlogLog is to allow you see who visited your blog, if you and your visitors are member of MyBlogLog.  It reflects a trend of the web: many people want to identify themselves!

Rules: Known vs Hidden

techmeme and digg are two of my favorite web sites.   Diggers are clear about digg’s rule: if the numbers of diggs is big enough, the article will be shown on digg’s front page.  Therefore, people can game digg.  On the other hand,   techmeme‘s algorithm is not published.  People have no idea whether their post will be shown on 

Personally, I find posts on is more useful than posts on, though I find more fun on digg: once you digg an article, you are eager to find if there more people digg it too.

Read, Write, Execute

Gartner predicts blogs may be peaked in 2007.  That’s not likely to be true.  People will start to blog their executable code and the results of these executable codes. 

See one of “Five Predictions for Enterprise 2.0 in 2007” on FASTforward blog:

“5.  User-generated applications will become the next hot thing.  If Web 1.0 was “read only” and Web 2.0 is “read/write,” the next logical growth phase will be “read/write/execute.”  User generated applications will emerge that allow users to tie together web services to dynamically create custom functionality without having to know anything about programming or development.  Big winner:  Teqlo. “