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RSS Reading Style

Dave Winer was right about river reading: Scoble likes river style now.

I’m still with bloglines.

RSS Tool Requirements (1)

Stowe Boyd: “allows me to see what the most important people in my life are reading, and what they think of it”.

Great points! Wish to have more details.

RSS Reader a dead market?

It’s hard to convince that one case reflects the trend! 


RSS status

See Has the RSS happened yet?

It’s very hard for people to agree on something.  RSS happens to be one of these things.  More and more tools and services will come out to leverage this universally agreed format.  And people will use it more and more.  At this point, people are only use RSS at the high level. But later, they will digg into one level lower: to figure out RSS structure. Anyway, it’s not difficult to understand the concept of channel and item.  It’s so natural to people watching TV.

RSS story from Jeff Barr

Closing a Long Loop, or RSS-Enabling Wina on the Web tells a nice story about using RSS to boost traffic. 

UMBC Feeds Analysis

I believe micropersuasion is a RSS news center.  Another great introduction: University Study Reveals Rich Data on Bloglines Feeds

I have been using bloglines. I have 196 feed subscriptions.  We are working on some feed filtering technology and hope to make it available by the end of the year.

The Blogapps Project

“The Blogapps project provides what is essentially a complete RSS and Atom development kit, which includes feed parsers, generators, blog client libraries, an Atom protocol implementation, a set of ten useful blogapps, and an easy-to-install blog and wiki server. This article explains the project’s purpose and how to install and use the project’s products, the Blogapps Examples and Blogapps Server, to jump-start your RSS and Atom development.”

See Dave Johnson’s article: The Blogapps Project