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Yahoo vs. Google and Directory vs. Search

While Yahoo moved away from Directory oriented, Google has a Directory now. 🙂

RSS Google Reader

Have not go excited for a while. But today I got one: from Scoble’s Bits from my RSS Reader.  I signed up for Google Reader for a while but have not used it since I did not see big advatage against bloglines.  Today I see it! See my shared items:

Google and Personalization

Following is copied from  From search perspective, I have not experienced any personalization yet from Goolge.

In Google’s Q3 2006 earnings call, Google CEO Eric Schmidt emphasized personalization of information in Google’s mission and future plans.

Some excerpts:

We believe that people’s information and the information they want to receive … needs to be accessible when and where they want it for them in a very personalized way.

The interesting thing is that this approach to having your information personalized is a benefit not only for the user who can continue to refine and target information … but also for businesses who want to know they are spending their money in an effective and targeted way.

As we continue to innovate and bring out … new products, we’ll also continue to … improve the experiences, bringing the most personalized and targeted information to people, which is ultimately our mission.

[We] provide access to the world’s information … [and] organize it in a very personalized and targeted way. That benefit drives the entire cycle of Google, and it’s fundamental.

Google vs Yahoo, Search vs Directory

As we know, Google is a search company and Yahoo is a directory company, at least at their begining.  And we also know search wins the war against the directory since people found directories are overwelmed.  And then Yahoo simplified its directory-oriented home page to emphasize search.  Interestingly enough, Google has a “directory” of services now. 🙂 

RSS: Bloglines vs Google Reader

Another comparision: A different view on Google Reader

Google Search Browser Dependent?

Seached “new product” from google at the same time and got different results:

Strange New Products” is the number one result when using Firefox, but not in the first page.

Google search using Firefox

Google search using IE