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links for 2007-01-30

Seth and Seth

There are two famous Seths in the blogshere: Seth Godin and Seth Goldstein.  Seth Godin is a marketing guru, writes a very popular blog  and also owns  Seth Goldstein is working on “attention” and also has a blog.  I have been tracking “attention economy” using squidoo: see this lense.  But I’m not sure I understand Attention Gang’s work at this point.  Also I’m not sure if two Seths know each other.

The Future of Media Strategic Framework

Social Networks are the New Media

Social Networks are the New Media is a blog by Robert Young. Read it and printed it this morning.  Found it on the top list on 


People like Fred and Umair are talking about Microchunking and Syndicating in Media. To me, it's similar to divide-conquer-combine, one of the most used technique in the computer science.