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Scoble’s Blog and Smart Filter

I agree I don’t read Scoble’s blog a lot, though he is one of the most famous bloggers.  It’s not because the blog is boring.  It’s because of too many postings.  I really need a smart filter for frequently posted blogs such as Scoble’s and Dave Winer’s.

Comments Feeds

Clearly we are having more and more feeds: for example, Richard MacManus’s Read/WriteWeb  now offers Comments Feeds.

New Product of The Day

A new blog: New Product of The Day

What’s New Today

About US” page of

Interested in new product releases?  helps you find out what new products are being released by major internet retail stores.  keeps track of millions of products that are being sold by hundreds of retail stores in real time. Only the new products are presented to you, keeping you updated on “what’s new today!”

Our aspiration is to provide you the newest, therefore the most interesting products on a daily basis. You no longer need to browse through hundreds of web pages to find out what is new. All the new products from any stores or categories will be presented in one place. We are in the process of adding new stores onto our site. Please send us a note if there is a particular store you would like us to help you keep track. We will add it to our search engine.

Come back and visit us every day. Enjoy and keep yourself looped in.

Category vs Search has new design.  It supports categoried search. You can search following categories: Web, Images, Video, Audio, Directory, Local, News and Shopping.

Microformats Introduction

one definition of a business analyst

"the candidate cannot explain the difference between DO-WHILE, WHILE-DO, and FOR-EACH loops, even when promised a free trip to Hawaii with friends and family." 🙂


It becomes very active recently.

Software, Service and Media

Microsoft is evolving from a sfotware company to a media company. See Microsoft adCenter launched – Ballmer says Microsoft evolving from software to media company

Companies are also considering software as a service, rather then a product.  It is worth to consider the meaning of these three.

Chinese Name for “Feeds”

No good Chinese name for "Feeds".  How about "飞子"?