Monthly Archives: June 2006

Recording and Behavioral

‘The Internet is recording almost everything you do on it.The opportunity for rich behavioral driven services is enormous.’ – Ray Ozzie

Attention Management

About RSS

“RSS is the foundation of almost everything Web 2.0 – isn’t it? It’s what makes blog readership scalable, podcasts subscribable, wiki changes watchable and so much more.”  From Newsgator posts roadmap for the future of RSS

The Future of Media Strategic Framework

TechCrunch Feed Reader Breakdown

Web Analytics Guide

How to Use Web Analytics, Part 1

Web as a game

Another case: How to game Digg and the blogosphere.

Semantic Web View of Web2.0

Why the World is ready for the Semantic Web

Web as a development platform

Another post: Is the walled garden Web blowing apart?

I Want a Web Event Broker

I Want a Web Event Broker: good requirement specification.