Daily Archives: October 13, 2006

Google vs Yahoo, Search vs Directory

As we know, Google is a search company and Yahoo is a directory company, at least at their begining.  And we also know search wins the war against the directory since people found directories are overwelmed.  And then Yahoo simplified its directory-oriented home page to emphasize search.  Interestingly enough, Google has a “directory” of services now. 🙂 


RSS Use Cases

So far, most common uses of RSS are simple aggregation through pub/sub, using tools such as bloglines, Google Reader etc.  Some more sophisticated uses of RSS are gradually coming out. For example, “How to Get the Most Out of Technorati’s RSS Feeds” on Steve Rubel’s blog.  I wish to see more discussions on the blogshere about more comlex uses of the RSS, such as smart aggregation and smart filtering etc.